All controversy begins with doubt

Welcome to the website of Project Melancholia! You will probably know what this project is about if you're visiting this website, but in case you don't: Project Melancholia is about the new English translation of SD Snatcher. Please browse around and of course don't forget to download your copy!

So, Project Melancholia is about a new English translation of the highly renowned MSX2 role playing game SD Snatcher, released by Konami in 1990. As most of you probably know, this game had already been translated by a group of fan translators called Oasis relatively short after its release. This was not only the first translation Oasis ever did, but also the first fan translation ever of a videogame. No reverse engineering of any kind was conducted - they just replaced the original Japanese texts with English ones using a hex editor. Furthermore, their knowledge of Japanese was sufficient to make the translation they delivered, but, as they also admitted themselves, it was far from perfect.

So, in short, Project Melancholia was started by a team that felt that this great game deserved a worthy translation. And that exact same team felt they would be capable to deliver it. You can read all about the background of the team and why we decided to translate SD Snatcher once again by clicking the about link in the menu above. If you want to know what we did during the three years of development, check out the progress report.

Project Melancholia will certainly not be the only project our team will be doing, but for now we hope you will be looking out for the release of SD Snatcher English!

Disclaimer: we didn't put as much time and effort in this website as we did in the translation, so in case you spot any strange, limited or even incorrect usage of the English language on this website: this is no indication that the translation will contain similar shortcomings. Just so you know.