Is that a camera in your pocket, or...?

Of course we wanted to show you some visuals of our translation project. You will probably already have spotted the Youtube videos in the right part of the website. At this moment, this is all we have, but we plan to add some more video footage (and screen shots) to this page when it's ready.

For now we only present the same videos as you can see in the right part of the screen, but in order not to make this page completely in vain in in its current state, we added a short comment next to each video.

Please bear in mind that this footage is taken when the project was still in an early stage of development. Since then, texts have been updated, so the final version will be different from the video footage on this page. We will update this section with footage from the final version as soon as possible.

Video footage

The presentation of Project Melancholia at Event Eleven started with this video. It shows our teaser website in its original form while playing the melancholic song Sentient by the British band Anathema. This video was meant to create the right atmosphere and to bridge between all the mystery and the revelation.

This is the teaser video made by Wolf for the presentation of Project Melancholia at Event Eleven. For those who didn't notice: the first part of the intro is inspired pretty much by intro to the movie Blade Runner, which is also said to have inspired the game designers of SD Snatcher.

This video shows the first part of the intro demo of our new SD Snatcher English translation. As goes for all videos, this footage is taken from a work in progress version, so the final version may differ slightly.

This video shows the second part of the SD Snatcher intro demo, featuring the new translation.

Some in-game footage. This video shows part of Center Plaza, part of South Downtown and a battle sequence. Please be reminded that also the in-game footage is taken from our work in progress version.

Some more in-game footage: doing some shopping in the basement of Joy Division part 4 after a nice stroll through the sewerage.

We used this scene at the presentation at Event Eleven to compare with the original Oasis translation. This video shows the Oasis version, the video to the right shows our version.

This is our version of the Katrina scene. Warning: there might be spoilers in here!