Welcome to Joy Division part 5, sir!

This is the place where you can download stuff. We don't know exactly what kinds of downloads we will eventually be able to offer, but the main piece of software that we have to offer right now is the demo version of our SD Snatcher English translation.

One of the main reasons for launching this website already on October 31, 2011, was because we wanted to offer a demo version of our translation. We reserved a full page for downloads, though, so maybe we will be adding other stuff in the future. If you have anything that could be interesting for our downloads section, please let us know!

Demo version of the SD Snatcher translation

An extended and up-to-date demo version was released on January 23rd, 2014!

The download package includes three IPS patches, a user disk to which you can save your game, a small text file with some explanation and information and a PNG in which the best video settings for this translation are displayed in case you use the BlueMSX or openMSX emulator. In order to run the patch correctly, you need the game SD Snatcher itself of course (note that the Starcracks version and the Oasis versions won't work) and a tool to apply the IPS patch. You can find Lunar IPS, an appropriate tool for Windows, right here and you can download IPS4MSX, a tool for MSX, from BiFi's website.

This demo version allows you to see the intro demos and play the game all the way up to game disk 2 (Center Plaza). Although this may not be the most interesting part in the game, it will give you a good impression of what you can expect from our SD Snatcher English translation.

>> Click here to download the demo version