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Courier, 28 September 2015
are you guys still active? I wanted to know if the patch works on a rom of the game. I have had a copy of the game for many years from my father but the MSX2 is long gone and I dont want to buy one just to play it. I would however buy the patch if I can use it in an emulator. Thanks for all your hard work and may any future projects be just as good.
@Courier: You can apply the patch to disk images and play the translated game in an emulator just fine!
Victor Martinez, 4 June 2015
First of all, thanks for this amazing translation. A great job!! Two questions:rnrn- How does the game enable Turbo Mode in MSX Turb R?? In the description you say: "Smoother animations on any turbo mode enabled MSX computer (MSX Turbo R, for example)" ... but that doesn't work for me.... The R800 LED is OFF.... rnrn- Are you working in other MSX translation? For example.... You could finish the Illusion City incomplete english translation... That would be great.... rnrnThanks for all!!rn
@Victor Martinez: You're welcome! About the R800, I'm not sure. As far as I know, the game should not turn off R800 mode. This would typically a question Max might have been able to answer, but I'm having a hard time getting in touch with him lately. About your second question - currently we're not working on any other translations, again mainly because I'm having a hard time getting in touch with Max lately.
AlphaOmegaSin, 17 April 2015 Website
Hey everyone, was wondering if you had actually finished the patch or if it was still in just a demo at the moment. Had been following this for some time now and have been really interested in playing through the game. Knowing you all have been going far out of your way to make the best possible translation I've been holding out on giving the game a go. Anywho hope to hear from you soon \m/
@AlphaOmegaSin: The patch is finished and available for some time already! Check the progress and order pages for more details.
Martin Down, 6 April 2015
Please respond guys! This wait is killing me! I've been waiting years for this translation ):
@Martin Down: Sorry, sorry, unfortunately your order came in right the day my computer crashed. Just got everything up and running again!
Martin Down, 5 April 2015
Still no response ): really hope to hear a response from you guys soon.. when you do respond could you please let me know how to change discs in bluemsx, because I've learned everything else I can in preparation for the patch, but I'm at a loss as how to change the discs when I'm prompted to.rnrnThank you in advance guys.
@Martin Down: Changing disks in blueMSX is very easy! Just go to File -> Disk drive A: and you can switch disk image files.
Martin Down, 5 April 2015
Hey guys, just bought your patch yesterday after years of hype and I'm just wondering if I'm going to be receiving it any time soon as I can't even contain this hype much longer =PrnrnAlso I've been seeing people posting it running on a computer with emulators, but with no actual details on how they did so, do you think you could possibly guide me through how I would do so myself when I do get it? =P thanks in advance and you guys rule!
@Martin Down: Thank you for buying our patch! The package we sent to you contains a small manual that explains how to apply the patch to the game. The patch can also be applied to disk images. As soon as you have patched disk images, you can just run the patched game like you would run any game on an emulator. Good luck and enjoy!
xxx, 14 February 2015
Thank god I learned Japanese so I didn't have to rely on money-sucking urchins like you.
@xxx: Good for you! Pity you didn't leave your contact information; we'd really like to know about this place where asking money for a product is considered enough justification to go about and insult. No tax institutions there, right? There can't be!rnrnTo those who share this anonymously posted sentiment but aren't as happy as this fellow to know Japanese: we trust that, with this kind of morale, you'll be perfectly able to find a copy of our translation somewhere on the net without having to pay a couple of beers for us. We do want you to keep in mind, though, that nobody forces you to play our translation. You could just as well leave it alone. If you really can't leave it alone and really don't want us to have some beers on your account: go ahead, search the internet and knock yourself out. There's no point in coming here to tell us we're dickheads for asking money for it.
Amyitb10, 16 October 2014 Website
Even though I am not really into video games, I loved the English translation of SD Snatcher and the demo version that you have shared. I am sure that the game from Konami is going to set a trend among the crazy game lovers we have.
@Amyitb10: Thanks for your oomment! But about SD Snatcher setting a trend anno 2014... Hmmm :).
Javier Armijo Comeron, 26 August 2014
ya me llego solo lo he probado en emulador todo ok voy a preparar el mega flash y acabarlo otra vez gracias por todo
@Javier Armijo Comeron: Gracias también!
Wesley Blokker, 24 August 2014
Cool project! I didn't buy it yet since I'm a little tight on money I can spend willy nilly but I have been a fan of SD Snatcher and Konami games on MSX since childhood, I have many fond memories of playing these games with my brothers and friends and the translation by Oasis utterly sucked unfortunately.
@Wesley Blokker: Yeah well, the Oasis translation helped a lot in understanding the game at least to some extent, but we did feel that the game deserved better. Maybe you'll enjoy the game with our translation some time!
Javier Armijo Comeron, 21 August 2014
@Javier Armijo Comeron: No sabemos por qué usted no ha recibido el correo de la primera vez, pero afortunadamente usted ha recibido nuestro último correo!
Daniel, 8 August 2014
Amazing patch! Love the quality of work here. Hope to see more MSX gems be translated by you guys to be rediscovered!
@Daniel: Thank you very much! We did make plans for more game translations, but at the moment time is not on our side...
Corwin, 30 July 2014 Website
As enthusiastic as I am about this new translation I simply can't seem to get any patched disk images to run on blueMSX. Of course, I'm totally new to MSX emulation, so I imagine I have much to learn.
@Corwin: The patched disk images should work on BlueMSX without problems. In case you still didn't manage to run them, maybe you could ask for help on Enough emulation wizards there...
The Kid, 5 June 2014
It has been silent since the release. Any idea when or if some kind of manual is comming ? Or at least a list of graphical english alterations, so we can look for them in the game.rnAny plans for a new translation project ? Maybe Final Fantasy (hint, hint) :)
@The Kid: There are no plans to translate the manual at this time. Maybe in the future, but for now we're enjoying the fact that the patch is finally released. Other things, like the list you mention or other translation projects, might be things to pick up some time...
Sky-Kid, 30 April 2014
Bought the patch, can't wait to get it and play...but I have to ask one more thing...rnPlease...PLEASE convince Wolf to release the mp3's from the teaser trailer...I've been listening to that trailer on loop for while now. Still any plans on putting them in your Download section?
@Sky-Kid: Thank you for your order! About your request, we'll pass it on to Wolf and in case he's willing to create an MP3 for our downloads section, we'll put it online for sure!
Trufi, 7 April 2014
Hi. I've done my payment yesterday, and I haven't received anything yet. Is there any problem?.
@Trufi: No problem; your payment wasn't verified shortly after your order, and I didn't check again until today. The patch should have arrived in your inbox by now; enjoy!
Justine Del Grosso, 23 March 2014
Hello, you guys are still actively selling the patch, right? I just wanted to double-check since it's taking a bit for my order email to arrive, and also once/if it arrives, I'd love a little reassurance that I'm not handing money over to a dead address, haha...
@Justine Del Grosso: Yes, we are. Do you mean you didn't receive the e-mail containing the payment details? It shoud arrive shortly after submitting the order form. Please send us an e-mail in case you didn't receive it.
Enfant Terrible, 19 February 2014
Hi there, is there any translated manual (pdf) from the original japanese along with the regular purchase?
@Enfant Terrible: No, not at this time. Maybe we'll work on something like that in the future, though.
20dollarstoopoor, 30 January 2014
Will there ever be a free full version? I can't justify spending that much on a translation, sorry...rnrnPrice conversion is ridiculous.
@20dollarstoopoor: Luckily purchasing the translation isn't compulsory, but if you can't afford it, I'm afraid you'll have to miss it, as is the case with all stuff that is for sale. At this time, we have no plans to release it for free, but obviously I can't predict the future and tell you how things will be after a year, or two, or maybe more...
The Kid, 16 January 2014
I'm really loving the translation. I am now in the dreadfull magical mirror house. Just for the fun I "made" this picture as some kind of extra thank you :)rn Looking forward to the "survival world in/out" patch .. hint hint.. By the way, If you have a list of all the graphical changes, I'm willing to make comparence screenshots of the original and the english version. (if you don't have the time yourself and need help with it)
@The Kid: Actually, Survival World is all about not being able to escape (hence the texts), so I doubt we will make it possible for a player to leave. Clearly, that was -not- an option in Survival World. Thanks for your offer concerning the graphical changes, we'll keep it in mind!
The Kid, 13 January 2014
Darn, typing is hard:) I ment offcourse, if it's technically possible my vote would go to make a survival world patch which makes going in and out possible.
@The Kid: We know, we know ;).
The Kid, 13 January 2014
Although I was expecting a shower scene (don't know what gave me that idea :) ), this surprise was nice too. It's always good to have some "backup" when things don't work out with Jamie :). Since you've allready made survival world excessable, I would say it would be able to go in and out aswell. And since you've added this option as seperate patch, those who don't want a version without it, simply don't have to apply the patch.
@The Kid: Being the translator, I can't tell whether or not it is easy to enable going in and out freely, but we'll take it into consideration!
The Kd, 12 January 2014
Sorry, I ment the exit WOULD NOT let me pass.
@The Kd: We know, we know ;).
The Kid, 12 January 2014
Today I reached disk 3 and out of curiosity I went to survival world. After I came to the room with the picture on the wall and found nothing to do there, I want back. But after walking through a few corridors I got stuck. The exit to the area with the big red and blue robots would let me pass. Is this a bug or is there just no way out again?rn
@The Kid: Well, that's the thing with Survival World - it's a hidden dungeon that originally could not be entered by normal gameplay - let alone that the player could leave it once entered. The latter we left the way it was; we just enabled entering the dungeon by normal gameplay. There's no way to escape, so I hope you have saved recently ;).rnrn@The Kid: Didn't you find somebody near the picture, who asked to see his daughter? I think it's a good idea to go and see her, because you will find a surprise there;)
NamoDyn, 11 January 2014
I don't want to be pushy but my paypal payment apparently cleared a few days ago and I haven't gotten my patch yet. Is it because my paypal email is different from my pre-order one?
@NamoDyn: Because it took some time before your payment was cleared, your payment disappeared to a next page, so I hadn't seen it was cleared yet. It's good you sent a reminder. I just sent the patch to you!
Artemio, 11 January 2014 Website
Finished it, worked perfectly on my F1XDJ and the SD Snatcher SCC cart. Thanks and keep up the good work
@Artemio: You're welcome! We hope you enjoyed playing the game with our translation!
TheWhipMaster, 11 January 2014
I played end to end on:rnDe1 ocm and turbo r gt with megascsi using in both case ep sd*.dsk/b/d/rrn fs5500 and h70 with real floppy and scc+rnI work nicely in all setup ...rnI m so happy about this translation as now I understood completely the story
@TheWhipMaster: Thank you for sharing that with us!
Hans-Willem, 10 January 2014
Thank you so much guys! The wait is really worth it. I only just arrived at disk 2. Thanks for bringing this to me after the holidays, otherwise I would have done nothing but playing SD Snatcher :) Man I have completed this game soooo many times. Thank you thank you thank you.
@Hans-Willem: Hahaha, you're very welcome!
TheKid, 10 January 2014
Okay, thanks for clearing that up. It would be nice to have a list with those graphical changes.
@TheKid: We'll keep that in mind!
The Kid, 9 January 2014
Played for A couple of hours and are at the church blowing out all the candles. I only I had this version back then. I took me a long time to figure out you had to blow out them nasty candles, where the japanese speaking player simply gets this hint from a ksdf soldier.. One even reveils there are two "hidden" candles behind the altar.. I have a question for the project melancholia team: I know you have made some alterations to the graphics like the "super deform snatcher" text in the logo and "Godzilla" in the movie theater. Do you have screenshots (or a list) of the alterations you've made. I know it must have taken a lot of time, but for me as a player not have the original for 100% in my mind, probably many alterations go by unnoticed. So it would be nice to have some kind of comparrison screens or something.
@The Kid: At this moment, we don't have screen shots or a list of all graphical changes. I can tell you that at least - apart from the text above the logo and the Godzilla movie - we also altered the logo of 'Rand Shaft' in South Downtown, as well as the interior of the casino ("Porker" became "Poker" for example), we translated the text in the 'Whack-a-Snatcher' game and 'Kojima Cult Shop' in North Downtown and we altered some graphics in Syd Garden. However, we already talked about writing a FAQ for this website, in which we could include a list of altered graphics as well!
boss_msx, 8 January 2014
Wow guys, really favorite game of all time just got a whole lot better!
@boss_msx: Great to hear!!
Moniz, 5 January 2014
Probably not the most healthy way.. but in my oppinion the best way: my setup while playing the new translation:rn was great! can't wait for what you guys will bring up next! cheers!rn
@Moniz: Hehe, whisky, cigarettes and borrelnootjes - ingredients that were frequently there during development as well :). A good way to enjoy the game!
Artemio, 3 January 2014 Website
Thanks for your hard work on the patch. I started playing it last night and it is great.
@Artemio: Thanks for your message and for the nice pictures!
The Kid, 3 January 2014
Hmm, solved both. Apperently apple marks all files as readonly, so with a little ssh mudling I think the savingproblem is solved. Dispite the error when copying the first disk, patching it with the english translation solved this error and the image works. Only thing left is a proper keyboard and numpad emulation for msx.emu, because now I am stuck at the "wack a snatcher" because the keyboard doesn't work...
@The Kid: Great to read that the problem is solved! About numerical keyboard emulation: I remember when I was a kid that I played Whack-a-Snatcher using the normal numerical keys on the keyboard. I hit those keys randomly until I managed to reach the high score. Wasn't the way it was intended by the developers, but it did work eventually!
The Kid, 3 January 2014
I actually downloaded the japanese sd snatcher version from nitroroms. I tried to copy my Original sd-snatcher disks with dcopy, but disk 1 gave errors in the first sectors. When I tried to use this image the game displays a message that it is an illegal copy. So how can I make a copy of my Original disk 1 ? (disk 2 and 3 are okay).
@The Kid: I'm afraid I can't help you with that. I know it's possible to do and that there should be tools out there that can do the job for you.
Jorito, 3 January 2014 Website
Just patched the game disks and had a look at the intro (didn't have time to play). Looks sweet and the translation really adds a lot of depth to the game. rnrnGreat job!
@Jorito: Thanks! We hope you'll enjoy playing the rest of the game as well!
Eften, 3 January 2014
I started playing it last night on my FS-A1F, and it's one of my favorite MSX games so far :DrnGreat job, guys!
@Eften: Nice to read, thank you!!
The Kid, 3 January 2014
Yep, really great patch. I'm getting the same feeling as playing it for the first time, only now I csn understand what everyone is telling :) Playing on my jailbreaked Ipad1 with msx emulator. Only problem is the save option doesn't work. (actually, it says it saves but when I try to load it again, all 9 slots are empty), , so I'm using save states. But once again, great work. Can't wait for the next translation project. But the way, how true to the Original is the snatcher translation that was released some years ago ? And I believe the illusion city translation was never completed either. haha, come to think of it, maybe you guys need some rest after this translation project :) Anyways, going back to my ipad.
@The Kid: Thanks for your message! Are you using the userdisk we included to save on? And are you sure you have the right original Japanese version to which you applied the patch? We tested the patched game thoroughly and never encountered this strange behaviour. Anyway, we'll surely do some other translation projects; Randar III has been paused for over three years now ;).
TheWhipMaster, 3 January 2014
I guess there is something wrong with the pre order as I didn t received any e mail nor patch nor payment request :(
@TheWhipMaster: We resent you the e-mail with the payment details. In case you didn't receive it this time either, please be sure to look into your junk mail folder.
Karl, 3 January 2014
Thanks guys, amazing patch! Been playing through it, really great work!rnrn
@Karl: You have a nice setup in the picture!
Moniz, 2 January 2014
great guys! i just applied the path and will start playing this evening! cheers !
@Moniz: Have fun!
Alberto, 2 January 2014
OMG!!! Got the e-mail with the patch... I will start playing right now!!!!! THANKS A LOT!!! Great Work Guys!!! :D
@Alberto: You're welcome! We hope you'll enjoy playing the retranslated game!
The Incantation, 24 December 2013 Website
Hell YEAH! We are almost there where no one has gone before.
@The Incantation: :)
The Kid, 23 December 2013
Okay, how much I would like to play this game during my Christmas holiday, I also want it to be the second best sd-snatcher experience I had after completing it the first time. So, if that means waiting some extra weeks, so be it. Good job guys, happy holidays and just as a little thank you, I've added this link to a sd-snatcher Christmas party :) enjoy. rn
@The Kid: Thank you for the nice SD Snatcher christmas party video, very funny! :D As for the release, we're doing our best to deliver shortly, so hopefully we'll make it this Christmas holiday!
Alex Rouge, 22 December 2013 Website
Translation seems to be nice. I really enjoyed it.rnWhen do you plan to release the version?rnI consider pre ordering depending of the answer to the previous question.
@Alex Rouge: We're nearly there! We have a release candidate at this moment, but I (Rieks) decided to throw in some textual improvement suggestions just at the moment we could go for a release. We'll see if and if so, how fast these will be implemented, but you can expect the release shortly.
JS, 15 December 2013 Website
Will your translation offer the ability to play direct from HD? Most people have SD/CF drives on their MSX these days and it would be great to add another fab game to the list that are playable direct from the drive rather than messing around with floppies or floppy images!
@JS: Unfortunately, our patch doesn't provide for an option to play directly from HDD. The game can be played only from floppy disk or flash cartridges. Maybe we will add such a feature later on, though!
The Kid, 10 December 2013
And is it raining lucifer alpha this christmas ? It would be awesome to play this "new" Sd-Snatcher this christmas holiday.
@The Kid: Only ten days left until Christmas; let's see what happens the coming days ;).
SnatcherMkII, 26 November 2013
Happy 25th Anniversary, SNATCHER!!
@SnatcherMkII: :) Only two more years to go for SD Snatcher!
Zak, 23 November 2013
Posted around this time back in 2011, still looking forward to the patch! I know it will be great when released!
@Zak: Working on the final bits...
The Kid, 22 November 2013
Hello Guys, Is it realistic to expect the translation patch under the christmas tree this year? I hope so, would be a great present :)
@The Kid: We're still doing our best and we're getting close to a release, but I still can't promise if this will be before Christmas. But, who knows...?
SapphiRe, 14 November 2013
Eager to receive my copy of the patch. Will it works with the SD-Snatcher Cartridge from Pazos?
@SapphiRe: We are planning to make a version that works with the SD Snatcher cartridge!
TheWhipMaster, 16 October 2013
Guy you are trying my patience out ... I m waiting since eleven event ... Please make it for Christmas or I will cry again next to my Xmas tree ...rnJoke aside I still every excited about this realese and this would be a great event for our beloved msx standard
@TheWhipMaster: Thanks for your encouraging message! Of course we are doing our best, but polishing the end product takes some time.
Tom Davidsen, 12 September 2013
hey!rn rnThank you so much for doing this, i just love this game too much.
@Tom Davidsen: You're welcome!
Enfant Terrible, 14 August 2013
Do you think guys that this new translation could be real at next christmas? it would be an overwhelming gift
@Enfant Terrible: We're doing our best, but we can't promise anything...
Okami, 11 August 2013
Any plans taking a look at other Oasis translations that need to be updated and bug fixed, such as the Rune Master games on MSX2?
@Okami: Enough plans to do various things, although we haven't talked about the Rune Master games. But first things first - we still need to finish the SD Snatcher translation project!
turbor, 24 July 2013
65 of 79 items fixed. I'm wondering what those remaining 14 items are that should be fixed?rnPlease tell us that the release is imminent...
@turbor: We're doing our best! Just updated the progress page again...
Retrofan, 14 July 2013
Great project! Looking forward to play!rnDoes it also work with MegaFlashROM SCC+ (5 channels emulated like SCC-I but without 64kB) instead of the Original Konami Sound Cartridge which are hard to find?
@Retrofan: At this moment our translation patch works only with the original SD Snatcher SCC sound cartridge, but who knows what the future may bring...
NamoDyn, 27 June 2013
I am so hyped. Good luck, team and godspeed!
@NamoDyn: Thank you!
The Kid, 18 June 2013 Website
Oh man, finally a progress update :) This keeps getting better. Not only will this version have a much acurate storyline (and no more larry laffer at the outer heaven I guess:) :)), you are also translating ingame graphics!! Very nice. This will really give the player a sence of being in an environment which he can understand. Very nice guys!
@The Kid: I can assure you: Larry is gone :). And indeed, we have also translated some in-game graphics. We chose not to translate all graphics, because we wanted the player to keep being aware of the fact that the setting of the game is in a Japanese city. We only translated those which, in our opinion, were nice for players to actually understand and/or didn't add any value to the aforementioned feeling of walking around in a Japanese city.
Wim Bos, 17 March 2013
For this game i will find my old Philips MSX-2 somewhere upstrairs!rnJust finished Metal Gear agian on a Emulator.
@Wim Bos: That's great to hear! Thanks for your message!
Monkey07, 1 March 2013
Hi great Guys,rnCame to see how far you are with the game.rnCan`t wait for it to come out.rnIt still is my number one game, so far i didn`t find any other game that is as great as this one.rnMy first computer was a MSX, and i still miss it loads.rnHad me a Sony HB-700P, and i still regret it that i sold it.rnEven had a Turbo-R.rnBut like i said, Konami made the best games in the future.rnBTW, I think you should ask more money for the final release.rnIn my opinion 15 Euro is what the translation is worth.rnYou Guys spend so much work on it, so asking that kind of price would only be fair.rnReally hope to hear very soon from you, and then i will order myself a copy of the game.rnWish you Guys all the best.rnGreetz.
@Monkey07: All that is left is the finishing touch, but obiously something like that takes some time. And about the money, we know that there are people out there who already despise the fact that we dare to ask money in the first place, so asking even more probably wouldn't be a good idea. We appreciate the kind intentions behind your suggestion though!
Mikhail Greenland, 28 February 2013
i just found this site after searching for more info on snatcher. Having just started Snatcher for the first time about an hour ago ( i found the game in a box at my dads camp with a sega cd) i'm pretty much hooked. I'll play it while I wait for my pre-order.
@Mikhail Greenland: Snatcher is a great game and the Sega CD version is said to be one of the best!
Snatcher Fan, 27 February 2013
I can't wait to play this Game. I saw the trailer and what you guys are doing is pretty amazing. Keep up the good work and that amazing quality.
@Snatcher Fan: Thank you very much!
Piekhaar, 13 February 2013
I hope all is well guys. Like I said before, I'm patiently waiting. The last stretch is always the most difficult part, so keep it up! In the mean time, I'm just going to replay Snatcher on the Mega CD. Good luck!
@Piekhaar: All is well. We had some private matters to look after which caused for some delay, but as you can read in the progress report, we picked up the project again recently and are now aiming for the release! Please enjoy Snatcher on the Mega CD; it's a great game!
The Incantation, 1 January 2013 Website
Happy 2013! rnrnLet us make this an 'SD-Snatcher reloaded' year.
@The Incantation: Thank you! The same to you, too!
Edwin, 28 December 2012
It's too bad you're not going to make my holiday. Now I'll have to take a week off when it gets released. ;-)
@Edwin: Ghehe, unless we take so much more time that it's right in time for your next holiday ;).
Samsonite, 9 December 2012
The translation's looking great, but how's the project going? It's been a few months since the last update.
@Samsonite: Translation of the texts is final; currently the wait is for the technical part to be finalized as well... We hope to have it finished soon!
DarkSoldier, 27 August 2012
Great job! I remember playing it for the first time in japanese, duh... Almost finished it but had to guess every step... :P Looking forward to play it in english... Thank you for translating one of the best games ever made... :D
@DarkSoldier: And thank you for your motivating and enthusiastic message!
The Kid, 18 July 2012
I agree with Piekhaar. We all had to wait so long for a proper translation, these couple of months extra is nothing. It's better to release a proper version, then to release patch after patch to correct bugs. Guys, keep up the work and It's ready when it's ready :)
@The Kid: Thank you! As I wrote to Piekhaar, we appreciate comments like this a lot!
Piekhaar, 4 July 2012
Guys, take your time. Remember the phrase `when it´s done´? Just keep that in mind. I´ll be patiently waiting. Have a great holiday and please keep us informed about any progress at all.
@Piekhaar: Thank you for your positive comment. We greatly appreciate comments like this. Many things have happened in the mean time, also in our personal lives, which caused some delay. But we're still busy with the project and we're doing our best to complete it as soon as possible!
Monkey07, 21 June 2012
I want to thank you for making a proper translation.rnSd-Snatcher has allways been my favorite game, i can`t understand that Konami never released the game in english, and that they didn`t made a new game.rnFrom all the games i ever played sd snatcher is my most favorite one, and allways will be.rnI really miss those great games, MSX should never have died.rnAt the time the Turbo-R came out, i also bought Fray, and played it over and over again.rnYou if i can get myself a copy of the game, that would be great, please let me know when it will be available, and what its going to cost.rnOff course i will pay for the game, so i can support the great work you guys are doing.rnKeep up this kind of work, from this day on, i am a great fan of you Guys.!!!!!!
@Monkey07: Thanks for your message! The release was planned early 2012, but for various reasons we couldn't meet that expectation. We're still working on it, though, so we hope to be able to release it this summer! As for the price, you should check 'preorder' in the menu above.
Jori, 15 June 2012
Can't help myself: why is it taking you guys soooooooo long :))) Is there any date estimate on when it will be released?
@Jori: We're aware of the fact that we hardly published any updates lately and that people might be wondering what's going on. Well, nothing special is going on, really, except that the final proofread took much more time than we had anticipated and now Max needs time to implement all revisions and to finalize things that still needed to be done to make the translation as perfect as possible. So - although it might look like nothing is happening, we're still quite busy. It's hard to say when it will be finished, but we're doing our best to finish it as soon as possible!
BomKosh, 16 April 2012
Hi.rnFirst, I wanna say thank you guys for re-translating the first game to be fan-translated. But I was wondering if you guys did changed the "You die" message to "You died" or something better? The message felt like it was coming from someone who knows only a few English words.rnAnother thing I want to mention is if you guys accept currency other than euros (US Dollars, CAD dollars, pounds, etc.)?rnrnAgain, thanks for all your hard work.
@BomKosh: I don't remember exactly how we treated the 'you die' message, but because we translated or adapted anything of which translation or adaptation would result in a better English version, I suppose we did change it into something else :). About payment methods: probably we will enable bank transfer and PayPal (and maybe other options as well). I think we will be accepting Euros only, though, but we'll see when the patch is released.
Piekhaar, 5 April 2012
Project-Melancholia, I salute you. This is simpy fantastic! Pre-ordered the patch. I'm a huge fan of Snatcher, can't wait to play this the way it's supposed to be. My MSX2 arrived this week, I already have an original copy of SD Snatcher waiting to be played. I'm new to this scene, do you have any tips/sites where I can read about applying a patch to an original MSX game? Furthermore, is there any chance that the manual will be translated? That would be the icing on the cake. Nonetheless, I salute you once more.
@Piekhaar: Thank you for your enthusiasm! About applying the patch: I don't know about such a website, but we plan to include instructions on the patching process in the distribution package (or we'll simply put the instructions online on this website). We thought about translating the manual as well, but there are some copyright issues with this (a manual can't be IPS patched). If we will translate the manual, this website of course is the first place you'll get to know about it!
Jori, 21 February 2012
So eeh, any progress? Last report is almost a month ago! We're all very very eager to play! :)
@Jori: Thanks for your message! We're in the stage of the final proofread. It takes some time, because the final proofreader and I are both very busy at the moment, but we're doing our best to finish it as soon as possible! We will continue the final proofread session tonight!
stefan, 7 January 2012
Finally a decent translation!rnI have been waiting ages for this guys, thank you!rnI myself have been busy with a small project of my own a couple of years ago.rnI was hooked on RPG Maker 2K, and i was trying to push it as far as possible, so i tried to remake SD Snatcher with it. To bad i lost all data :(
@stefan: Thank you for your message! Pity you lost all the data of your SD Snatcher remake. Would it be possible that some early beta version was released on the internet once? I don't remember if it was made using RPG Maker 2K, but I do remember some kind of SD Snatcher remake project...
Hydragon, 10 December 2011 Website
First time I see this website. ( is ashamed )rnProject looks awesome and gonna try out the demo tonight.rnI'm wondering if it's compatible with Nowind Interface.rnKeep the good work up! Any idea if the release will be available at Nijmegen 2012?rnrnGreeting Alex/Hydragon
@Hydragon: You almost make us wonder if we didn't plug this website well enough ;). About NoWind compatibility: I guess that if the original game works with the Nowind interface, our translation will as well. We don't know if we will be finished around Nijmegen 2012, but it certainly is not impossible...
Zak, 25 November 2011
This is one of my favorite games and I would like to pre-order you patch but I can't get the demo working properly... That's the only thing holding me back.
@Zak: We noticed that you figured out how to solve the problem already! Thank you for your support!
The Kid, 16 November 2011 Website
Thank you guys for this wonderfull project. I can't wait to play the game the way it was meant to be. I escpecially like the new font, big improvement. (and at last gillian with double l :) ) I admire the work and effort you are putting into the translation, the trailer and this site. This will be 10 euros double worth it !
@The Kid: Thank you very much for your kind and motivating words!
George Bisbikis, 3 November 2011
Hey played the demo, so so good! Thanks a lot for giving this new translation the respect and attention it deserves. By the way, is there any MP3's of the songs Wolf arranged? That Bio Syndrome remix is godly!
@George Bisbikis: Thank you for your kind message! We already asked Wolf if he was willing to make a non-BGM-version of the music behind the teaser video to offer as a download. He said he had planned on doing something like that himself as well, so I think we will be adding MP3's to our downloads section as soon as Wolf has finished them.
David Duerr, 2 November 2011 Website
I will be looking forward to playing the full version of the game.
@David Duerr: Thank you!
Jori, 1 November 2011
I just played the demo and I just have to say that I am very impressed, it's really awesome! Since I pre-ordered, I'm taking the liberty to do a request ;) - I would like to be able to speed up the text display, as in e.g. pressing the space key shows the text instantanously. Since you guys rewrote the text engine, I thought it might be possible. I know you can use graph, but I would like to see it even faster ;)
@Jori: Thank you for your kind words! About your request: we'll take it into consideration!
Fernando Collazo, 1 November 2011
i'm looking forward to finaly play this awesome game in the correct way . And I wish the best lucky to this and for the forecoming projects. Thanks to your efforts.
@Fernando Collazo: Thank you very much! Our pleasure!
Jori, 1 November 2011
Next best thing to a remake of this awesome game. Will definitely pre-order. Thanks for this awesome work!
@Jori: Thank you for your nice comment and your support!
Jan aus Hamburg, 1 November 2011
Einfach geil! Vielen Dank!
@Jan aus Hamburg: Gern geschehen! Wir hoffen euch gefällt die spielbare Demo!
FRS, 31 October 2011 Website
It's an awesome project! I can't thank you enough! :D
@FRS: Thank you very much for your message! We really appreciate it!
NOSCRIPT, 31 October 2011
Your site makes me want to install NOSCRIPT because of the annoying effect. I get that it's from the intro but it annoys.
@NOSCRIPT: You can use the option 'show Lucifer' or 'hide Lucifer' at the upper right on the screen. It seems more people didn't really like the script, so we just added this functionality. Now the 'Lucifer' is turned off on default. Have fun and thanks for sharing your name! ;P
Robert Vroemisse, 31 October 2011 Website
Finally online! rnrnCongratulations from Deventer
@Robert Vroemisse: Thank you! And thank you very much for your helpful tips on the layout of this website!