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On this section of our website, we present to you everything that we couldn't place elsewhere, for example an interview with Oasis concerning their SD Snatcher English translation. We are also planning to write something about curiosities we encountered while translating the game. And who knows what else we might add...?

Not everything on this page is made or written by ourselves. During our translation project, we stumbled upon things that are interesting to our project. Those things we were allowed to publish on our website, are published in this section, but of course, we will add something nice ourselves as well. If you have anything that could be interesting for this section, please let us know!

Interview with Oasis about their SD Snatcher translation

The Dutch group Oasis released their English translation patch for SD Snatcher in the early 1990's. All this time, this has been the only English version available - until now, of course. This first translation was made by Dennis Lardenoye and Ron Bouwland. While working on Project Melancholia, Rieks contacted Dennis to talk about the two projects. Dennis sent him an interview that was published in Finnish in a Finnish game magazine in 2009. We got permission to publish the interview in English, so you can find it by clicking on the link below.

>> Click here to read the interview with Oasis.

Original teaser website

Now that this website is online, the teaser website has disappeared. But for those who missed it, you can still see what our teaser website was like. It starts the way it originally started. After about a week, something changed, and after about another week, something changed again. Click on the word 'melancholia' to see what happened after a week and click on the thing that appears next to see what happened thereafter. Click again to return to the main page of this website. Click on the link below to go to the teaser website.

>> Click here to visit the Project Melancholia teaser website.